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Why Sanmati International School ?

Sanmati International is a new concept of game changer in the field of avant-grade and futuristic education.The students become universal by being local.The curriculum is assiduously framed to foster the ever widening horizon of meandering knowledge.

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Mission statement 2016-2017

Education, God of Big things.

Sanmati is formidably committed to unleash the animal spirit to spread education in and around and beyond our area seamlessly. Our mission is to empower each and every child with education that equips them with teeming opportunities, prospects and potentials.

Sanmati aims to groom students who can turn adversity in to advantage. We intent to promote ideas and ideals that transcend time and space. Education has an incomparable magnetic charm that presents a unique experience for the self fulfillment and self empowerment.

Our area of focus gels and bodes well with our mission statement. Our indomitable and indefatigable spirit in inflaming academic rigor and we aspire and strive to continue with the same for years to come till our mission ambition is accomplished.


JUN 25

Class IV th to VIII th Father day celebration

School Campus

JUN 25

Class Nursery to III rd Grand parent's day celebration

School Campus

JUN 18

Visit to old age home (Jyoti Niwas)

APR 08

Visit to Jain temple on 8th April 2016

School Campus

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